Thursday, June 3, 2010

That's my boy!

It's been a long road, but now this road is traveled by another boy on his bike..... without training wheels. Look at that kid go! The action stop at the end is a nice touch.

Hey, I can send him for milk now.... hum....

Field Trip To "The Farm"

May 28...

Two busloads of Kindergartners disembark at the gates of The Farm in Medford to find goats, deer, pigs, two ducks, and a kangaroo waiting to greet them with curiosity. The giggling children split into groups, Shaun's group heading into the petting area. The children were briefed on the rules by the farmer, and they explored the animals. Perhaps the most amusing event was the children chasing goats while parents and teachers chased children saying "Don't chase the goats!"

I spent my time with the pig, explaining to the children where the bacon was.

The girls cooed over the baby goats, curled their nosed at the ugly pigs, and waved at the ponies. The boys were constantly ushered out of the puddles, could be heard calling out "Duuuude!, and readily pointed out poop. Goat food was passed out by teachers and parents, and the goats and deer knew what that meant. They crowded the children grabbing whatever they could. The children laughed in delight.

The play area contained a peddle tractor race track, corn box, and sand box with dinosaur bones. The tractors were, by far, the favorite.

Piling back onto the bus, we headed back for school before lunchtime. The excitement so overwhelming for one little boy, he fell asleep in my lap.

What an adventure!